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18 Pet Hacks Awesome Life Hacks For Cats And Dogs

Awesome Life Hacks For Cats And Dogs
Awesome Life Hacks For Cats And Dogs
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Woof, woof did you understand anything certainly not because this article is actually for your pets the best life hacks for cats and dogs meet a little dog fruit and her owner fruit lives a busy life and her owner cares for her to be clean and tidy fashionable and happy using our life hacks

I’m walking through fruit in such cold weather she needs clothes as well as I do put a used baby sweater that nobody wears anymore on your dog make sure the front picture is on top pass the front legs through the sleeves and roll them up I meet my friend she’s happy to see me and especially froufrou she picks her up and admires her stylish outfit I tell her the truth the sweater is not made by a fashionable dog designer Christian dog or it is taken from my little brother’s closet however froufrou can pose in the autumn leaves just like a true model my friend wants the same outfit for her, I’m afraid this tiny sweater won’t fit her oh I see she’s just dreaming of her pet she’s looking forward to getting a cat she dreams of the most optimistic and the happiest cat in the world you can tell it just at the first glance meet an adorable cat Mathilde it’s very pretty but they’re still dreams anyway dreams can’t keep you warm my friend and I are getting cold and froufrou is trembling we should go home

Well we’re having tea to warm up my dog wants to play it’s great we’ve got a rope toy take an old to use t-shirt cut it into the same strips of 4 inches wide and 3 feet long you can also use an old sweater cut into the same strips take for details pull them up tie a knot at one end place them crosswise with the knot in the center and braid in this way when you’re satisfied with the length tie a knot to finish braiding [Music] this rope toy will do both for cats and dogs though froufrou will hardly share it with someone else she likes playing with it too much

As a true girl froufrou likes accessories my friend wants to give her cute hair clip hot glue artificial flowers and buds to a blank hair clip base what a pretty thing I’ll wear it myself but it’s a gift for frou-frou i fastened her hair it suits her well she’ll definitely strike with her beauty a Dalmatian whom she’s been in love with for a long time my friends dreaming of how this lovely hairpin would match her cat’s hair in her dream she tries the hairpin on her Matilda it’s gorgeous it suits her cat perfectly Matilda is going to become a cats book star everybody will like her first smile if only my friend had a cat

Taking your pet as your fitness partner is another smart life hack you can now save on your dumbbells holding your pet instead do arm exercises your dog will help you do your arms workout for strong biceps and triceps use your pet to get additional weight during your abs workout your pet will enjoy holding your legs it’ll cheer you up each time you do your exercise come on girl you can do it

And finally it’ll help you relax after an exhausting workout my friends dreaming of the time when her cat Mathilde will become her fitness partner she’ll be able to lift her up squat down and embrace her upon the workout finish Mathilde is happy and so is my friend I want to make it a surprise if she dreams of a cat so much I’ll make her dream come true I bring a cat to my friend as a gift it’s just the same as the one she wanted my friends excited she’s got a real cat it’s the happiest cat in the world it’s soft and fluffy my friend can’t stop hugging it

After a good workout one should take a shower but frou-frou doesn’t like bathing in a basin no please don’t put me there I don’t like a cold basin no I’ve got a fresh pedicure don’t worry frou-frou the basin won’t harm you to prevent fear and anxiety in your pet before having it washed lay a little towel or a piece of cloth in the basin it’ll soothe your pet making it comfortable frou frou doesn’t worry anymore she’s ready to take a bath

She enjoys washing especially when the water is of the appropriate temperature not too cold or too hot watch that the water doesn’t go into your pets eyes or ears wash its head with your hand frou frou likes it when I use a special bathing mixture take five ounces of warm water add 1.7 ounces of dog shampoo and two teaspoons of vinegar stir well pour it onto your pets back and rub it into its hair it fights insects and bad smell the hair turns soft and silky wash off the mixture with warm water wrap your dog into a soft towel frou frou is absolutely happy she’s satisfied and relaxed I think we can open a new dog spa frou frou will be a VIP guest there dry your pets hair using a hairdryer use a special brush to make the hair smooth and soft frou frou asked me to do her favorite hairstyle she feels confident so far when she sees her beloved Dalmatian Joe while walking so I’m doing her hair to make her the prettiest dog in the world

We can’t do without grooming in our home spa frou frou can’t understand what grooming means she hopes it’s a new type of dog food no frou-frou grooming is trimming your hair frou frou needs to trim her hair tips if we do it at home we should know a few tricks that the specialists use while grooming don’t make us work cuts take a section of hair and trim along the hair growth this will make grooming look natural I wish my dog wouldn’t be so anxious about it but she’s eager to know what’s going on frou frou is excited she likes her new style she hopes Dalmatian Joe will appreciate her new image during the walk

Make a stylish outfit for frou-frou take an old sweater that nobody wears anymore cut off a sleeve let the cuff be a turtleneck draw a half-circle next to it to make a hole for a front leg cut another hole for the second leg an awesome turtleneck sweater is ready try it on your dog be careful to put in its head and legs it suits frou-frou perfectly who said horizontal stripes make you look fat this design stretchy dress fits her elegant figure you can roll up the turtleneck furfrou is wearing perfectly chosen trendy autumn clothes she isn’t going to get cold during her walk get ready Dalmatian Joe your pretty girls coming


Fruit fruits crying her hearts broken she’s seen that Dalmatian Joe playing with that shabby lap dog Jane bad guy look is it some kind of disease and it has nothing to do with a broken heart consult your veterinarian if you notice watery eyes in your cat or dog but it’s a first aid treatment you can use tea brew black tea green or chamomile tea will also do it shouldn’t contain any additives or flavors wait until the tea cools dip in a cotton pad and carefully rub the watery eyes let’s wipe your eyes furfrou Dalmatian Joe doesn’t deserve a tip of your tail soon he’ll realize he’s been wrong and will run up to you on hind legs

By the way we mentioned legs the dog’s paws are quite delicate they need special care smudge the paws with Vaseline when it’s cold and wet it’ll protect your dog’s pads from mud when outdoors your dog will thank you for that or it’ll just remain faithful to you

If you don’t have an opportunity to clean your pets legs after walking use another life hack put a little dog shampoo into warm water mix well lay a towel on your lap and put your pet on top no frou-frou you shouldn’t drink this cocktail it’s for your legs wash one leg at a time rinse it in clean water if necessary why that with a towel your pets legs won’t make Eugene’s dirty come on my lap frou-frou

Dreams have been left behind and there’s a real cat problem the cat hair is all over if your cat sheds it doesn’t mean you should wear a tear on top of your clothes put on rubber gloves spray them with water run your hand in a wet glove along your clothes to gather your pet’s hair

Dog pictures appear to be the most popular getting an awful lot of likes on Instagram but they also pick up an awful lot of dog’s hair on your black dress use adhesive tape tear off a piece and press it against the fabric with the sticky side down the tape will attract all the dog hair from your dress

My dog wants to play but I can’t do it right now I’m busy discussing the number of likes for my picture with frou-frou ok I’ve got something special it’s a new toy put a few beads into a little plastic bottle put on a sock and tie a knot frou frou enjoys playing with the new toy it’s so easy to make bring joy to your dog

Frou frou thinks that my favorite cushion is her sitting place it’s time to make her a pillow cut off the top part from an old t-shirt turn the bottom part inside out hot glue the edges take an old pillow put on a DIY pillow case sew on buttons to the inside edge cut holes to fasten the buttons on the other edge but in the pillow case a soft cushion for your pet is ready frou frou got her own pillow she can keep lying on it during the daytime I don’t mind

Like any girl frou-frou SPRO to eating much to get rid of her stress Dell nation Joe’s never called to prevent her from eating the whole day portion at a time let’s make a smart food dispensing toy put dry dog food into a plastic bottle make a hole of a food piece size using the hot nozzle of your glue gun if you shake the bottle the food drops out through the hole your dog will keep eating its dazed portion during the daytime while playing with the food dispensing toy and it’ll keep shape

To supply your pet with fresh water make a self filling water dispenser you’ll need two bottles of water of different size a bowl and masking tape join the bottles top to bottom using the tape put the smaller bottle with its top down into the bowl open it as soon as a water level reaches the spout water stops flowing out of the bottle and it doesn’t overflow fruit fruit enjoys drinking water from her new water dispenser it seems she realizes the importance of keeping her water balanced

did you like frou-frou and Matilda write in your comments about your own pets and life hacks you use to care for them

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