dog tricks Easy Things to Teach Your Dog

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how to train a dog

dogs are faithful and intelligent animals we admire and love them for their unconditional affection loyalty and playful exuberance nevertheless dogs and humans are very different creatures dogs have some innocent but irksome tendencies like barking leash pulling jumping digging chewing and eating garbage that can sometimes make them difficult to live with to make the most of your relationship with your dog you can teach your dog some important skills that will help them live harmoniously in a human household training your pooch will improve your life and theirs enhance the bond between you and ensure their safety and it can be a lot of fun in this article we’ll talk about eight easy and important things to teach your dog and explain the training process in an easy way that any dog can understand

How to train your dog not to pull on the leash

perhaps you’re on a walk around theblock and your pooch keeps pullingon the leash nearly choking themselvesdogs pull on the leashbecause it works it gets them where theywant to goand oftentimes the more they pull thefaster they get where they’re goingif your dog starts pulling on the leashturn yourself into a treestand very still and refuse to moveuntil your pooch comes back to youdo not drag your dog along with you anddo not yank or jerk the leashno matter how hard your pet pulls standstilland don’t move in the direction thatyour dog wants to go the reason is thatif your dog pullsand you follow them the dog is learningthat pullingis an effective way to get to where theywant to gobut remember your furry friend is youngand very activecanines want nothing more than to berunning around and exploring theirsurroundingsit takes a lot of self-control for a dogto hold themselves in on a walk if theyhaven’t gotten enough exerciseso give your dog plenty of exercisebefore you go out to set them up for success

How to train your dog not to eat off the ground

imagine you’re on a walk and your dogsmells a spoiled sandwich on thesidewalk or garbage in the parkor perhaps you’ve spilled somemedication on the floorthe last thing you want is for your dogto go running towards the perceivedtreatand scarfing it down but how do youteach your dog to leave things bethe league fit command is exactly whatyou needit can even stop a dog from chewingpower cords or your favorite pair ofshoesand teaching it to your dog is easierthan you think place a treat on thefloor with your toeor hand over it and say leave it your dog willlick and nose at you and try to get thattreateventually though they will stop tryingand glance awayas soon as your pet stops trying givethem a hugefuss and a reward after repeatingseveral timesyou can now make things more difficultdrop a treat on the floor and say leaveitif your dog goes for it cover the treeand say noif they ignore it immediately rewardthem with a treat from your other handafter several repetitions your dog willunderstand the meaning of theleave it command most dogs learn thiscommand within an hourand remember not to use the treat on thefloor to reward your dogit’s time for your dog to understandthat this isn’t about eventually gettingthe itemafter all dropped medication will neverbe up for grabs and make sure the rewardtreeis of higher value than the floor treatthisemphasizes that leaving certain thingsaloneleads to the chance for even better things

How to teach your dog the Speak command

many dog owners get frustrated when their pup ignores their commands more often than not dogs ignore us because we have unwittingly trained them to do so if you keep telling your dog to get off the counter or calling them to come to you and they don’t listen then you are actively training them to ignore you we need to make our words count in dog training remember the main principle the behavior that is rewarded gets repeated if good things tend to follow a behavior a dog will do more of it if they don’t he’ll do less of it let’s take the come command for example you may get frustrated if your pup refuses to come when called but no matter how upset you are you must reward and praise that dog when they finally come if you scold them when they get back to you you are making them less likely to listen to you next time and be aware that owners typically call their dogs just before it is time to go home from a park by doing so your dog learns that coming when called ends the fun and they’ll do less of it likewise many dogs refuse to follow our commands because it’s not worth it why in the world would your dog want to come back to you when there is a super exciting dog to play with at the park make sure to use a high value treat to make yourself more interesting than whatever else is out there

How to teach your dog not to bark

imagine you are on a walk with your dog and your pooch starts barking at other dogs or people or your dog barks excessively inside your home barking is a natural reaction for most canines but sometimes it can become an annoyance and there are ways you can stop that dogs bark for several different reasons they may bark to get your attention some play time ask for food or to get out of the crate in these situations don’t respond don’t touch them don’t even look at them your attention only rewards them for being noisy dogs may also bark at people or other dogs if they haven’t been socialized well enough dogs want to protect their territory and a dog who has had experience with different types of people like cyclists people in wheelchairs and children is less likely to bark at them it’s important to let your dog meet different people and other dogs another reason for a dog’s barking is boredom or loneliness dogs are pack animals when they are left alone for long periods of time they can become bored or sad and often bark excessively because they are unhappy dogs with separation anxiety may also develop behavioral issues such as chewing furniture make sure your dog is getting sufficient physical and mental exercise a tired dog is a good dog and one who is less likely to bark from boredom or frustration if you work longer hours it is a good idea to have someone stop in and check on your pet but let’s now talk about how to teach your dog the quiet command it’s much easier than you think to do this you will first need to teach your dog the speak command do something that will cause your dog to bark like holding a treat in front of them for a few minutes your dog will eventually get frustrated and bark at you as soon as your dog barks immediately mark the behaviour with a command like speak and reward them with a treat repeat until your dog learns to bark when you say speak most dogs pick us up within an hour or so the key is to wait for the dog to bark once your dog learns to consistently bark when you say speak you can teach them the quiet command hold a treat in front of their nose and say speak your dog will bark because he knows the meaning of the speak command now wait for your dog to stop barking once there is one or two seconds of quiet time immediately mark the behavior with a command like quiet give your dog the treat and a huge fuss after several repetitions your dog will understand the meaning of the quiet command most dogs will learn both the speak and quiet commands in one single training session


How to teach your dog not to jump

you walk in the door after a long day of work and your adorable dog jumps up to give you a big kiss or perhaps your dog jumps on your guests or the kitchen counter to steal some food you do not want him to feel rejected but he is now a big boy and this jumping is too much to take this is another behaviour that can be trained out of dogs often times dogs jump because they like to sniff a person’s face dogs greet each other nose to nose and they want to do the same with us since our noses are not at their level they jump up to reach our face the first step is to ignore the behavior and only give attention when they have all their paws on the floor if your dog jumps on you and you give them some kind of attention like looking at them touching them or talking with them you’re basically telling them you approve of this behavior and therefore jumping continues to happen if your dog jumps on you when you come home immediately walk away and close the door wait about one minute and then walk back in to greet your dog if he still jumps at you walk away again and close the door remember time and patience are of the essence in dog training if your dog jumps on you while you’re preparing a meal or their food don’t push them away they will probably think that jumping wins them some attention instead walk away from the food and ignore them for a minute make sure the food isn’t accessible to your jumping dog repeat until they calm down if your dog jumps on your guests you can work on a sit command you can also ask your guests to assist with the training ask your friends to ignore your pets when they jump

How to train your dog not to beg for food

often times when you sit down at the dinner table you end up with a furry beggar with adorable puppy eyes by your side you’ll probably be tempted to give them some table scraps but not only does this reinforce this unwanted behavior but it can also lead to health problems and canine obesity after all some foods that are safe for humans can be harmful for dogs in these situations the worst thing you can do is to give in to those sad puppy dog eyes by feeding your dog table scraps you are essentially telling your pooch that if they beg for food they will get it when dogs are well behaved and don’t beg for food that’s the time to give them treats and remember not to give your dog a treat from the table as that will encourage begging your furry friend will eventually realize that their puppy eyes don’t pay off and they will stop begging you you can also use some basic commands like sit or leave it to discourage impulse based behaviors for example if your dog jumps up on your lap to beg for food while you eat simply tell them to sit

How to teach your dog the Leave It and Come command

we’d like to talk more about dog treats because not any food is a good choice for training sessions remember the treats should be small and easy to eat you don’t want to lose time waiting for your dog to eat the treat or distract them with a big meal make sure that your treats are good for dogs health and manage the calorie intake you should avoid sweets and chocolates because they can harm your pets and it’s best to train your dog before their meals a dog with a full tummy may not be interested in your rewards and sudden movements can disturb their stomach

and remember for us a dog is just a pet but for our dogs their entire life depends on us they need us and love us till the last day of their life so do your best not to hurt their feelings and be patient with your puppy even the smartest dog on the planet needs some time to learn a new trick it’s important to remember that many unwanted behaviors such as destructive behavior leash aggression or going potty inside get better with age

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