12 Signs Your Dog Is Truly Happy

12 Signs Your Dog Is Truly Happy
12 Signs Your Dog Is Truly Happy
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We all wish our dogs could talk – it would make things so much easier. Even though they can’t speak we can tell how our dogs are feeling by the way they act. If you are wondering if your dog loves the life you are giving her, check out these 12 signs that may help you determine if your dog is happy.


5 Tips to Keeping Your Four-Legged Friend Happy

1 The Puppy Barking

Is your dog excited? Do you hear her barking? Hissing? Frustrated? Does she get excited whenever something new comes into her life? If that is the case you may be dealing with a barking, excited dog. Barking is often a sign of excitement and excitement without a reason why.

If you’re dealing with an excited or excited dog, enjoy the puppy love. Barking is cute! DO NOT BE A DOG LINGOBERRY. Your ever-so-cute pup is making a statement that you may be helping her learn something. Your investment in a bark collar may be paying off…

2 The Body Language

Your dog is totally fine with you getting up to go check on your plants and watering the yard. That’s also great. If she starts barking and growling, however, a more serious problem may be developing. In fact, barking or growling is a telltale sign an aggressive dog is trying to tell you that something is wrong – and that something is wrong!


What if the barking is coming from a small dog who is scared of you? What if it’s coming from a larger male who just can’t control himself around his female? If the problem is something as simple as the dog is “off limits”, you may simply have a bark-collar problems child.

When your dog barks, stress is placed on you. Sometimes when humans have bad days, we just need a reminder to take a deep breath. But how can we take a “deep breath” with a dog who is barking at us?

By checking out the home you are about to enter, you can see if the premises are in a calm, peaceful, and manageable (i.e.: barking happy) or not. If barking is a problem let the dog know you are available should he need your help.

3 Scratching

Perhaps you have seen your dog scratching himself or herself to find places to scratch themselves. This behavior not only indicates the dog is happy and relaxed, but it also shows you just how well she knows her territory. To check on this behavior, swing by the living room and meet your dog there. Ideally, you will see scratching everywhere, but the bites may be more frequent than this. The bigger the dog, the more likely this is happening and the more barking it may soon transform into.

12 Signs Your Dog Is Truly Happy

1. When your dog has a high energy level and always hurts themselves trying to play with a bone.
2. When your dog barks at you if you are not busy with something else.
3. When your dog chews through the end of the hose you just gave him.
4. If your dog barks at you when you are alone and turns his tail to get away from you.
5. If your dog follows you when you are on your mobile and you don’t follow him.
6. If your dog barks at you suddenly and doesn’t wait a few seconds after you come in.
7. If your dog is getting excited and jumps on you.
8. If your dog barks and growls when you are excited.
9. If your dog is constantly on his electronic behavior program.
10. If your dog barks when you are very frustrated. It’s like he is in pain.
11. If your hands are sweaty and you move very slowly while trying to calm your dog.
12. If you have to talk a dog off from attacking another dog, you need to share some pictures of your adorable snuggly pooch…

Why do we love our dogs so much? We love the dog because you can care for them, love them unconditionally and most importantly… they won’t bark at you. Let me know how I spelled that wrong! Please comment below with your best signs that your dog is happy.

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